bensrunphoto @Sun 29 Oct 2017

@emonh_ and I spotted the clouds along the coast 30 minutes before sunset, and we drove to the beach as fast as we could. We made it just after the sun had set, but there was still plenty of color left in the sky.

bensrunphoto @Fri 27 Oct 2017

The Thinker. When you’re out shooting, I’m sure everyone has experienced a moment where you’re deciding if that last shot was just right, or if there is something you can change to make it better. #justgoshoot


bensrunphoto @Mon 23 Oct 2017

I finally picked up a nifty-fifty after 5 years of shooting wide for mainly landscapes. I’m excited and ready to get into portraits that incorporate beautifully bokeh’d scenery surrounding my subjects. Here’s one of my favorites from a recent shoot. #ItsSuperRiley


bensrunphoto @Wed 11 Oct 2017

Last night’s sunset brought some unique colors with the smoke clouds stretching across the sky from the Anaheim Hills fire. Thoughts and prayers going out to all those affected by this local fire as well as the one up north 🙏

bensrunphoto @Mon 16 Jan 2017

Hope everyone had a Happy Holiday season and New Years celebration. Can't wait to catch up on everyone's feed. Wishing everyone the best in 2017! Here's a shot from my December trip to SF. Finally got to meet the talented @himui888 in person and shoot alongside her. She told me we got extremely lucky with this sunrise. Hoping for more of that luck this year! Oh, and @misseileenxd was there too, but she stayed in the car because it was too cold and she wanted to 😴