jeanna_ld @Wed 15 Nov 2017

#BIRTHDAY ✨ Good morning ! I turn 25 today, twenty five years of stories and particularly a true one that makes me love it and celebrate more. Some years ago I won to live and a lot of things has changed. My goals, my way of thinking, my way of loving, my way of acting. I‘d always strived to be a beautiful person but I became better. I’m proud of this woman I’ve become. More positive, more attentive, more combative. Stronger ! And today, I celebrate a quarter of a century, perhaps a quarter of a life. I’m thankful for every moment and every shared joys ! I do my best everyday to be kind and make others happy. So, to all those who are close to me since a long time or not, thank you for sharing your time with mine. To my best friends, my boyfriend and my family : thank you for your support, your presence, your smile, your kindness and your love ! This is so precious for me ♥️ have a nice day like I hope mine ✌🏻


jeanna_ld @Sun 12 Nov 2017

Seulement un mois depuis ton départ, le temps sera long mais ça n’a pas de prix. Mon héros et ainsi celui de tant d’autres. Je t’aime, tu me manques tellement mon cioccolato ♥️ ton tiramisù. #army


jeanna_ld @Sat 11 Nov 2017

Nine years since the beginning of a friendship, three years before meeting back. Even if the years have passed, I found you identical. And it’s good to the heart, I missed you my @nioumawii 👯

jeanna_ld @Mon 02 Oct 2017

L’homme qu’il faut à chaque femme n’est pas celui qui la changera dans son authenticité. Il est celui qui saura la changer dans sa capacité à être celle qu’elle est ; vous savez, celui qui l’améliorera et l’enrichira de beauté intérieure. #mood #monday #boyfriendsweatshirt

#mood #monday #boyfriendsweatshirt