kennethfu @Fri 01 Dec 2017

1st December is World AIDS Day; a day to create awareness of this incurable disease (up to this date). Anyone can get HIV; regardless of gender, race, age or sexual orientation. HIV does not discriminate people, but why do we need to discriminate people living with HIV? Check out my blog (yes, I recently started to write a blog) to know more about AIDS and HIV @ #worldaidsday #1stdecember #awareness

#awareness #1stdecember #worldaidsday

kennethfu @Wed 11 Oct 2017

Health care leadership conference 2017 Generation Y: Navigating Future Leaders. We, Generation Y can bring hope to a better future if we are given the chance to show what we can do. We are the future. Dear comrades of nurses, strive for the best, do our best, gain more knowledge and hone our skills. Show them what we are made of so that we can all be potential future leaders. #nurses #future #conference #generationy

#future #conference #nurses #generationy