localbrandid @Fri 12 Jan 2018

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localbrandid @Wed 10 Jan 2018

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localbrandid @Thu 04 Jan 2018

#Throwback to April 2017​ ​ ​ Creating film is like writing a letter, you deliver your message through a visual concept. Gianni Fajri is a passionate film maker that has the aim to produce a sincere, virtuous yet fun films for people to gaze at.​ ​ ​ Find out more about Gianni Fajri in our blog "The It Style" section for further story!​ ​ ​ #localbrandid #tbt #lbtheit #theitstyle #giannifajri

#giannifajri #lbtheit #localbrandid #theitstyle #throwback #tbt