mollytavoletti @Thu 16 Nov 2017

Lived out mad dreams last night with @haimtheband at the #GIG2017 pre-party, thanks to a very incredible surprise early birthday present. Essentially haven’t fangirled that hard since age five when I told my mom I was going to marry the drummer from Hanson. Woke up today finding it hard to continue living, but mostly because the open bar was just champagne and vodka.


mollytavoletti @Mon 13 Nov 2017

Today’s bit of magic brought to you by George Remus’s birthday and warming up the only way I know how. I’m usually a cocktail gal, but when it’s chilly, ain’t nothing like sipping some @georgeremusbourbon. Neat, indeed. HBD George. #RemusReserveBourbon #ad

#remusreservebourbon #ad

mollytavoletti @Wed 08 Nov 2017

A sudden season change, fresh, cool energy, and not to mention, the 11th hour of my 24th year, all got me thinking about the crazy places I’ve been this year. And my trip to Quebec with @matadornetwork ranks way up there. The video from this incredible trip is done and beautiful thanks to @joshuamorinfilm @nowarabx, and can obviously be found in my bio. Peep the fun and stay warm out there. #explorecanada #travelstoke #quebecregion

#travelstoke #quebecregion #explorecanada

mollytavoletti @Tue 07 Nov 2017

I hopped on over to Seattle last week for a hot (read: cold) minute to snag a sneak peek at the b spankin' new (and first of its kind in the US) @Princi bakery and café, inside the @starbucksroastery, and truly felt dreams I didn’t even know I had come true. Don’t we all just want an Italian charcuterie plate and a negroni to go with our coffee? The Seattle cafe opens today if you’re a local, but don’t worry NYC, yours will be opening soon enough. Peep my story for some more BTS of my lil Pacific Northwest adventure. #ThisIsPrinci #Sponsored

#sponsored #thisisprinci

mollytavoletti @Fri 03 Nov 2017

11/3/17. First snow. I stand outside with one shivering hand pressed firmly on the back of my head, arguing against the cold, wet wind, who insists on blowing my hat clear off. Less than 48 hours in a strange city offers a chance, or even demands, a person to be whomever they wish, I think. Speak to everyone, speak to no one, have a strong drink before 11 a.m., call your mom, or don’t. Put on all the make up you have to just take photos of other people, write it all down. Take drugs you can’t at home, get lost in yourself, no matter how poorly you dressed for the weather. And probably do call your mom.

mollytavoletti @Tue 31 Oct 2017

The only thing more mind blowing than the end of Stranger Things or the hummus @humboldtandjackson is the fact that Halloween actually hasn’t even happened yet.

mollytavoletti @Wed 25 Oct 2017

We didn’t talk about it much (jokes) but @thebrothersbuoy went to Paris a few weeks back. And if your meter doesn’t read hard disgust from hearing about it yet, check out our full recap adventure with @ubyuniworld over on @tastethestyle. Link obviously exactly where you think it is. And peep their story before it disappears for some BTS action. Allow that meter to spike hard and bible I’ll never mention it again. #travelforU