weddingdeeva @Wed 17 Jan 2018

One of the original players in the scene that prompted me to move to LA. “ROACHES” is forever etched in my memory. The first person who gave me access to NAACP after party shenanigans.. the host in whose home I met some of the closest friends I have in LA.. The original CONCIERGE!! I could go on and on but I’ll sum it up by saying we’re Family! We don’t see each other nearly as much as we used to since our dreams are becoming reality but I wanted to publicly say that I am SUPER PROUD of you and all that you have accomplished since stepping out on your own! Monday was LIT!! Thanks again for giving this little girl from the projects of South Philly red carpet access! Dreams can be deferred but never denied!!! I love you @the_david_s #whenfriendsbecomefamily #blackinLA #blackgirlmagicmeetsblackboyjoy #acoupleofdreamers #MsDee

#acoupleofdreamers #blackinla #msdee #blackgirlmagicmeetsblackboyjoy #whenfriendsbecomefamily

weddingdeeva @Thu 28 Dec 2017

Ummmm... tell me why the heck people are always asking me if I want to ever move back home?!?!? Just Look at the comparison of the next couple of days!!! THIS ISH IS JUST DAMNED DISRESPECTFUL!!! ❄️ ❄️ brrrr! I’m telling you... if y’all didn’t mean so much to me, y’all would be reading my cards at these services!!!!! #disrespectfullyCOLD


weddingdeeva @Thu 28 Dec 2017

Most of us are angry Most of us are strangely More alike than we'd like to believe Most of us are empty Most of us are simply More alive in the scenes of our dreams Then there's you You've got something I've been wanting, oooh You're so new Oooh You're my salvage, you're my balance, oooh You're so new Most of us are hurting Most of us are searching Someone to love Someone to understand Most the time I'm fighting Multiple voices residing In my head Then there's you You bring silence to my violent truth Yes you do Oooh You're my salvage, you're my balance, oooh You're so new #yangtomyyin #6monthsandcounting lyrics by my fave @jheneaiko

#6monthsandcounting #yangtomyyin

weddingdeeva @Wed 27 Dec 2017

Second mother.. Mom to my bestie.. fed me as much as my own mother. Mother to Dawnie, Muggie Seanie, Helen, Sharon and Alton. Fed me like I was her own. Lima beans night was my absolute fave! She’d call me and say “Sequance, I made Lima beans and chicken wings and your plate is here.” I loved her like my own mother and trust me, these years have accelerated more than I can count but, I know that no one or nothing can take away the years that I established with this Fam! A Second mom and incredible woman has departed this earth and I’m DEVASTATED! I’m coming to Philadelphia because she deserves my honor and respect at this time! This one hurts... Rest on FELLMAR!! My second mom!! 💔❤️💕🌸